Sailor of the Year to Ride in Rose Parade

Electrician's Mate First Class Phillip Alampi from the USS Pasadena will cruise down Colorado Boulevard on "Sailing the Sea of Knowledge'' on Jan. 1.

South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Construction Chair and US Navy Veteran Chris Colburn has chosen Phillip R. Alampi, Sailor of the Year from the USS Pasadena, to sit front and center on the South Pasadena float.

Joining Alampi in the honor on Jan. 1 will be his wife, Veera Alampi. Colburn recently posted the announcement on the Association's Facebook page. He described Alampi's job performance, leadership, military appearance, his behavior (on and off duty) and meritorious or commendatory achievement above the scope of duties as reasons for his choice. 

On the Facebook page Colburn wrote:

Our exciting news is that we will have the Sailor of the Year from the USS Pasadena (SSN-752) riding our float. Electrician’s Mate First Class (Nuclear Submarine Qualified) Phillip R. Alampi was chosen as the Sailor of the Year for his command by exemplifying the Navy’s core qualities in all of his duties aboard the USS Pasadena and in his life ashore. 

As a Navy Veteran, I fully understand what EM1 Alampi has done, both at work, and in his personal life to be chosen for this honor. It was very easy for me to explain to our committee how this Sailor’s accomplishments in his field correlate to our float’s theme of “Sailing the Sea of Knowledge.” To even be considered for this honor, the Sailor must be gauged against all others in his command on job performance, leadership, military appearance, his/her behavior (on and off duty) and meritorious or commendatory achievement above the scope of duties. Some of the other criteria considered are educational accomplishments, participation in civic and community affairs, adaptability and his/her application of the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. 

Riding with EM1 Alampi will be his wife, Veera Alampi. Many military members will tell you that it is the military spouse who actually has the “hardest job in the military” and we would tend to agree. It is the spouse who commits to not only the military member, but the countless deployments, missed holidays and family events and other hardships to allow the military member to focus on his/her job of defending this great nation. To us, it as much Veera’s accomplishment as it is EM1 Alampi’s. His accomplishments as a Sailor could not be made without a strong family and the support of a loving and understanding spouse. It is our honor to have them both, and we will have a float that will be a beautiful backdrop to showcase their mutual accomplishments.

The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses is the oldest self-built float in the parade. For more information please visit www.sptor.com.


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