Gay Couple Plans to Get Married Atop Float During Rose Parade in Pasadena

The float is sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

By City News Service

The 2013 Rose Parade was the first to feature a couple getting married on a float during the procession, but the AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced Tuesday it will sponsor the first same-sex union aboard a float in next month's parade.

AHF officials said the wedding aligns perfectly with the parade's theme of "Dreams Come True."

Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots, of Los Angeles, will exchange vows aboard the AHF float on Jan. 1. The ceremony will also serve to spread the organization's message that "Love is the Best Protection," contending that marriage plays a role in reducing HIV infections among gay men.

Loots, 42, and Leclair, 45, own Studio DNA Salons, a three-outlet chain of hair salons in the Los Angeles area. Loots is originally from South Africa, while Leclair is from Canada, according to AHF.

"Having my relationship recognized legally is already a dream come true," Leclair said. "To be able to declare my love to the world at large in hopes of inspiring others to live proudly and authentically is an enormous honor."

AHF officials said the couple will be joined on the float by Sharon Raphael and Mina Meyer, a lesbian couple who have been together for 42 years and were married in California in 2008.

"Today, as wedding bells ring for more and more gay and lesbian Americans like Aubrey and Danny and Mina and Sharon, AIDS Healthcare Foundation's 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade float is proud to honor and celebrate those 'Living the Dream,' confident in the knowledge that love is indeed the best protection," AHF President Michael Weinstein said.

During the 2013 parade, a couple from Virginia -- Nicole and Gerald -- were married aboard Farmers Insurance's "The Love Float," in what Farmer's officials said was the first wedding to be performed during the Rose Parade. The couple won a nationwide contest to have their wedding aboard the float.

rubberband January 02, 2014 at 11:53 AM
Nope. You understand the law mostly as it was written. Largely this bill was written to enable girls to enter and have rights in typically male dominated venues (science, math, engineering) it includes physical activities and sports.... and RIGHT Now there is a study being done at Monrovia after school programs to gather data on whether teachers/staff treat minority female kids differently than white males. I do not offer my opinion at this time, just offer some info.
Liz January 07, 2014 at 04:06 PM
They kept it G rated. What's the problem? If you go back one year you will see that a man and woman did get married on the State Farm float in 2013. We don't walk in their shoes, I don't walk in your shoes, let everyone have their happiness in life.
rubberband January 07, 2014 at 07:45 PM
Right on, Sister...I watched the Rose Parade and the couple getting married looked like happy people standing on a bunch of moving flowers......one day perhaps it will be just considered normal and not news worthy or draw so much hatred and anger...nothing was "shoved in my face"........and it just seems weird to me that someone might be SO very upset about this issue, enough to attack another person they've never met, and make sweeping generalizations about them/me/whomever..."After all - in the world of rubber bands there are not absolutes. Everything can be bent, twisted, distorted....." I've bent nor twisted no-thing. And trust, it is truly no-thing......and my moniker Rubberband clearly means something different to different people. Who cares what it really might mean? No one, it's no-thing.
Kim Miller January 10, 2014 at 11:47 PM
Are you absolutely sure there is no such thing as a absolute ? There is no such thing as gay marriage , marriage has been defined previously. This is merely a social engagement renamed out of political correctness.


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